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“Let Us Fight against Prostitution Together” – Slogan of Gonio Residents


Maka Malakmadze, Adjara

Gonio population requests government to reinforce control on prostitution. Locals are afraid tourist will not arrive in Gonio because of prostitution.

Gonio population is divided into two. One part rent their houses out to foreign citizens during entire season where restaurants, hotels or clubs are functioning throughout the year. Second part is waiting for the summer time to get income from private tourism. The latter is against prostitution and held protest assemblies against it several times.

After the new government came in office, on December 16, 2012, law enforcement officers arrested five people – Georgian citizens Nana M and Inga B and citizens of Turkey Husein I. Omer K and Jesur M for having assigned their houses for prostitution. According to the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, “the above mentioned persons, in vicinities of Batumi and Gonio rented hotels and set up brothels.

Investigation is in progress under the article 254 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which envisages from 2 to 4 years of imprisonment.”

Gonio residents state the problem was not resolved by closing down only several brothels. So, they still protest the fact and held an assembly on May 22 under slogan “Restitute our Dignity”, “Let Us Fight against Prostitution together”. They demanded to stop prostitution in the vicinities of Gonio.

Protesters requested the government to take relevant measures to combat prostitution on the legislative level and to finally eradicate this problem. “They claim the law does not allow them to do it. We have elected the parliament to adopt laws, have not we? Does the state also support brothel business in the country? If it is not so, the government shall take measures,” Gonio resident Gela Kakhidze said.

Chair of Adjara government Archil Khabadze noted that existence of prostitution problem in Adjara is caused by the liberal law. “We actively work to prepare for the tourist season. We cope with some difficulties because the law is not severe with regard to the prostitution. During recent arrests, the court released detainees from the courtroom even without imposing fines on them.”
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