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Mufti – We are humiliated by Tchela incident


We are very much humiliated by Tchela incident, the Mufti of Georgian department of Muslims Jemal Paksadze told journalists. Members of the administration gathered in the Batumi Mosque yesterday to discuss the incident .Jemal Paksadze says that the participants of demolition of the Minaret sinned before God. He said that if the building material that entered Sarpi customs illegally, it will go through customs again and the Minaret will be restored to the mosque.

“We express our worries about the damaged congregation. We are concerned and sorry about it. It is a sin for those who touched the Minaret. We met with the government’s representatives, chairperson of Adjara’s government, contacted the capital. We are going to visit the site tomorrow. We’ll inform the congregation about the negotiations between us and the government. If the building material illegally entered customs, it will go through customs again and finally the Minaret will take its place”, Jemal Paksadze said yesterday.
He states that according to the constitution everyone has a right to religion and belief. Jemal Paksadze says that in Georgian legislation, there is no official permission on construction of the Minaret of a mosque.

“When we say that we are a tolerant nation, it must not take place in the twenty-first century and everyone must respect their praying house. I hope the government will take wise steps. I express concern over the damaged Georgian Muslims. We are next to them. According to the constitution of Georgia everyone has a right of religion and belief. But, there is no official permission on the constriction of the Minaret of a Mosque in the Georgian constitution. Holy Koran says that we must not act without law. For years problems haven not be solved. I hope law makers will adopt the law according to which we’ll be able to build”, Jemal Paksadze said.

Members of Georgian department of Muslims and Mufti Jemal Paksadze will visit Adigeni this morning. 

The Minaret of a Mosque was demolished in the village Tchela, Adigen region yesterday. 
Over 20 were arrested after the scuffle between the locals and law enforcers.

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