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TV-debates between GPB Board of Trustees candidates to be organized


Gela Bochikashvili Nata Dzvelishvili, www.media.ge

candidates for Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB) Board of Trustees membership candidates will be broadcasted by the Second Channel 24 December.  Debates will be recorded in the Real Area studio.  Presenter of the debates will be the Head Producer of the Second Channel Dodo Shonava. 

According to the program presenter, Board of Trustees membership candidates will be divided in 5-6 member groups in alphabetical order.  Approximately 1 hour will be given to each of the group.  During the debates each of the candidates will be able to speak about their vision of GPB development and answer three questions asked by presenter. 

Debates will be recorded and will be aired upon completion of Parliament session (at approximately 9 p.m.) 24 December. 

“We planned for the debates to be held live on First Channel in the First Studio, but candidates have to attend Committee sessions in Parliament, so live debates with all the candidates could not be held,” Shonava told Media.ge. 

Competition Commission is obliged to organize debates between candidates by the Law on Broadcasting.  By the law debates must be broadcasted by the GPB. 

Below is brief information about the 27 candidates from which Parliament must form the 9-member Board of Trustees.  Information is based on the CV submitted by candidates for the competition. 

1. Geladze Geno – lawyer by profession; implements several EU-funded projects in Adjara; since 2013 is member of western Georgia Council of the Ministry of Corrections, Probation and Legal Assistance of Georgia;

2. Kachkachishvili Iago – Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Faculty of Social and Political Sciences full professor; Heads the sociology and social work direction on the faculty.  Chairman of the Union Social Research and Analysis Institute. 

3. Mchedlidze David – Chief Editor, Internew-Georgia web-project NPO.ge; editor at web-project media.ge.  In 2012 was elected member of the Council of the Charter of Journalistic Ethics for a three-year term. 

4. Sakhokia Natela – In 1966 graduated from the Georgian Polytechnic University; specialty – computer systems.  Is a director in several projects.  In 2013 was appointed member of the advisory group created for formation of GPB.
5. Seturi Ucha – lawyer; lecturer in media law at the Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Faculty of Social and Political Sciences; member of the Review Board of the Competition and State Procurement Agency LPPL; expert in telecommunication and media law at the Institute for the Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI). 

6. Javakhishvili Jana – Director at Addictology Institute under the Ilia State University; coauthor of the psychiatric health MA program and invited lecturer; Global Initiative in Psychiatry (GIP) Foundation Eastern Reformation Partnership Program Director in Georgia. 

7. Gaprindashvili Lela – Associated professor at Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Faculty of Social and Political Sciences; member of Advisory Board at the Women Fund in Georgia and application evaluation panel member at IREX. 

8. Lomjaria Nino – Executive Director at Fair Elections NGO; member of Board of the Georgian Young Lawyers Association; in 2012-2013 was member of Board of the international organization – European Network of Local Monitoring Organizations (ENEMO); this year observed elections in Georgia, Germany and Norway. 

9. Absandze Irakli – Liberali magazine Chief Editor; was producer of the Ninth Channel regional news service; works at Germany press agency Deutsche Presse Agentur.; member of the Council of the Charter of Journalistic Ethics of Georgia. 

10. Kintsurashvili Ketevan – according to her CV she is an independent scientist; works on books and different projects (exhibitions, lectures about modern art).  For the moment she works on following books:  Keti Matabeli: from 1980’s until present and Tengiz Sepiashvili’s Sculptural Objects.  She is also writing a book – Peak – Vasily Kadinsky. 

11. Lobzhanidze Giorgi – Associated professor at TSU; since 2013 author and presenter of the rubric Library at Radio Liberty; Head of Eastern Department at the Caucasus House and of the Islamic Studies Center; has translated many materials from medieval and modern Arabic and Persian literature. 

12. Mirziashvili Mikheil – Senior Manager at Black Sea Peace Network project; as he indicated in his CV the main focus of his activity is usage of media as an instrument for conflict regulation and involvement of society in democracy development.
13. Mskhiladze Ketevan – Editor of English-language publication of Tabula magazine and founder of the NGO Media Development Fund; during many years headed the GPB monitoring group.
14. Dziapshipa Anna – is a film documentalist; founder of Sakdoc Company; works as producer and projects manager at www.sakdoc.ge. 

15. Kakabadze Ninia – is a film critic; PhD student at Ilia State University; since 2011 is invited author of the Maestro program Weekly Thoughts; since 2012 has been working at Internet television Artarea. 

16. Kirtava Zviad – MD; since 2009 associated professor at the Tbilisi State Medical Uniersity internal medicine department. 

17. Janezashvili Nazi – PhD student at Caucasus University; Executive Director at Unity of Georgian Judges and expert at the Prevention National Mechanism under the Public Defender; program coordinator at the NGO Prison International Reform.
18. Apkhazava Giorgi – PhD student at Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Movie University; works at the Student and Youth Palace; associated professor at the Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Movie University in the direction of drama and directing. 

19. Vakhtangov Alexandre – Full professor at Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Movie University and head of bachelor, master’s and PhD programs; author and director of up to 30 TV-films; was one of organizers of the international TV festival in Georgia.
20. Kokhreidze Giorgi – graduate of the Tbilisi State University Legal Faculty; founder and member of Board of the NGO – Movement for Accessible Environment; founder of the TV-Company 2012; in 2013 was elected Coordination Council for Disabled Persons under the Prime Minister of Georgia. 

21. Muskhelishvili Marina – Director at NGO – Public Research Center; was invited researcher at Washington Unversity Fullbright Program; has conducted scientific-lecturing work at Tbilisi State University; since 2013 Adviser to GPB Director General. 

22. Osipova Izabella – Executive Secretary at the Georgian Public Defender National Minorities Council; Justice Department expert; member of expert group of Open Society Georgia Foundation; member of the working group for national minorities under the Central Election Commission. 

23. Salukvadze Joseph – Full professor at the TSU Social Geography faculty; strategy coordinator at the Shida Kartli Region Economic Development project. 

24. Suaridze Nugzar – producer at the Georgian Association of Regional Broadcasters; was journalist of Moambe investigative films and investigative program 60 Minutes. 

25. Chlaidze Constantine – head of film commission department of the Georgian Film Center; member of Board of the Georgian Film Development Fund; executive producer of the Internet portal Artarea series of programs – My City. 

26. Khabuliani Khatuna – PhD student at Ilia State University; associated professor of the same University; invited professor at Tbilisi State Academy of Arts and project manager at Culture Development Caucasus Center (Media Art Farm). 

27. Janashia Eliso – Chief Editor at Poti Internet publication Tspress.ge; implements several projects including the Presidential elections photo and video monitoring in Georgian regions and Economic Problems Research Center.  
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