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“Real Reason of My Dismissal Was Signature Collected in Favor of My Father-In-Law”


Nino Mshvidobadze, Guria

District governor fired senior specialist at the Sport and Youth Affairs Service at Lanchkhuti District Administration Shakro Baramidze. Head of the Service Sopo Chkhaidze clarified to humanrights.ge that motive of Baramidze’s dismissal was his frequent absence.

“Shakro Baramidze’s often missed job, so he breached the law on Public Service, which obliges public servant to be in the office during working hours. I gave him verbal remarks several times but in vain. He used to come to the office at 12:00 pm. I filed written notice about his performance to the district governor and requested him to adequately respond to the fact.”

Humanrights.ge contacted Shakro Baramidze with regard to the fact. “They allege I missed job that is not true. I never missed working hours. According to spread information, Georgian Dream supports my father-in-law Boris Chkonia and he is a candidate for the position of Lanchkhuti district governor. Relatives decided to collect signatures for his support and I also participated in it. However, I really did not use my working hours and days to collect signatures. I collected signatures on the weekend and on Monday, coming to the office, the head of the unit shouted at me – how did you dare to collect signatures. At that moment, the district governor had already signed order on my dismissal. So, I did not breach the law; real reason of my dismissal was collecting signatures in favor of my father-in-law.”

Humanrights.ge contacted Lanchkhuti district governor Zaza Urushadze with regard to the fact. “I issued order on his dismissal based on the notice of the head of the unit where he worked. The notice stated that Baramidze systematically missed work; I consulted with the legal office of the district administration and made decision to fire Baramidze from job,” Urushadze said.

Baramidze is not going to appeal the decision at the court because he believes it cannot change anything. 
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