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Telavi Municipal Board Approved 2014 Budget


Mikheil Mamalashvili, Kakheti

According to the Telavi district 2014 budget, funds envisaged for the salaries of the employees of district administration and municipal board were increased at 247 400 lari. Funds for the assistance of socially indigent population and for the protection of infrastructure and monuments were reduced.

Telavi municipal board approved 2014 budget on December 20 and it is 9 391 400 lari. Head of Financial-Budgetary service of the Telavi district administration Mikheil Shashiashvili said, in 2014 budget, 1 870 500 lari is envisaged for the salaries of the employees of district administration and municipal board. Last year, total salary budget was 1 623 100 lari. “Increase of salary budget is connected with the establishment of internal audit service in the district administration. The service will launch activities in 2014 and three or seven people will be employed there. Besides that, we do not have unpaid maternity leave; this budget includes 13th salaries of our employees too,” Mikheil Shashiashvili said.

Funds for the assistance of socially indigent population was reduced at 11 800 lari in 2014 budget and it made 123 000 lari. Fund for healthcare programs was also reduced at 10 000 lari. 5 000 lari will be spent on the protection of monuments instead last year’s 14 200 lari. Fund for the construction, rehabilitation and exploitation of infrastructure was reduced from 1 837 400 lari to 1 700 000 lari. 

Funding of religious organizations increased at 23 000 lari. Funds for TV-Radio broadcasting and editorial activities were reduced at 4 000 lari. Funds for public healthcare and social welfare was increased from 521 800 lari up to 550 000 lari. In addition to that, funds allocated for social protection of families and children were increased. Free canteens will receive additional 10 000 lari. Like in 2013, 11 000 lari will be spent on the funerals of veterans. 4 000 lari will be allocated for the Veterans’ Society. Families of the soldiers killed in Abkhazia and South Ossetia will receive 137 000 lari instead 104 000 lari. Defense fund increased from 583 300 lari up to 721 000 lari.

In addition to that, budget for pre-school education was increased up to 1 800 000 lari. Last year, only 983 600 lari was allocated for the purpose. Promotion of culture, religion and youth, as well as sport activities was announced to be priority of the next year. 
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