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Muslims Found Road to the Gate of the Tchela Mosque Blocked


Natia Gogolashvili

On December 26, muslims going to Friday prayers found wood-logs loaded in front of the gate of the mosque in Tchela village, Adigeni district. The logs blocked the entrance to the yard. Leader of the Tchela Mosque Jambul Abuladze wrote on his facebook page about it and uploaded photo evidence too; the logs are loaded in front of the gate that makes entrance into the yard impossible.

“I cannot keep silence about the recent abomination in our district. Logs have blocked the entrance to the Tchela mosque. They were thrown in front of the gate three days ago. When we went to Friday prayers, found the logs there but could not find its owner. Finally we discovered its presumable owner - district administration. As I found out with the support of my friends, the Adigeni district administration had brought the firewood for local socially indigent families. If they brought it for socially indigent families, why did not they deliver the presents to the homes of those families then? If they had asked, I could help them to find those families in the village,” Jambul Abuladze wrote on his facebook page. 

According to Jambul Abuladze, one hour after the fact was made public, strangers removed the logs from the area and cleaned the entrance to the mosque.

Assistant to the Adigeni district governor Lazare Chilingarishvili said the district administration really purchased firewood as aid to socially indigent families. However, he claims the wood had no connection with the mosque.

“3 cube meters of firewood was loaded at the Tchela mosque. It did not block the entrance to the mosque at all. We brought it for socially indigent families who live near the mosque. The vehicle could not carry them on the long distance. The photos were taken on purpose. You are aware of the current tense situation in the village and they try to escalate the situation again,” Lazare Chilingarashvili told humanrights.ge.  
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