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Mejvriskhevi village former governor blames prosecutor’s office in dragging out court processes


Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

“Prosecutor’s Office again proved that they continue working with old methods,” former governor of Mejvriskhevi village said on September 28 when he left 15th trial into his case. 

The former governor Tariel Gurgenidze was arrested on June 12, 2013 for accepting bribe. On September 26, he was released from detention setting under bail. Gori district court has been discussing his case for two years and the prosecutor’s office could not prove the accusation with relevant evidence. On September 10, the judge requested the prosecutor to make final statement at the September 28 session; however on that day another prosecutor came to the trial instead prosecutor Pirtskhalava. For that reason the judge had to schedule one more hearing into the case.

“Today different prosecutor came to the hearing and declared Mr. Irakli was busy on more important case and requested to postpone the hearing for one more week. They are in very bad situation because everything is clear in this case. The prosecutor’s office does not have evidence because nobody committed this crime,” Tariel Gurgenidze.

Ruslan Mamedov was the chief witness of the prosecutor’s office in the case against Gurgenidze. According to the prosecutor’s office, Tariel Gurgenidze had accepted bribe from Ruslan Mamedov in exchange of notification. Tariel Gurgenidze said police officer provoked crime and now he is hiding. Mamedov’s name is related with some similar cases. Studio Monitor prepared a documentary film “Agent Provocateur” in the state service. The judge scheduled final hearing into Gurgenidze’s case at 11:00 am on October 5.

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