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Human Rights Center requests punishment of the policeman for the indifference in the case of murdered woman



Human Rights Center works on  the alleged professional negligence of a police officer in the murder case of the 20-year-old woman K.I in Ponitchala, who was killed by her husband on July 12, 2016.. 

The family members of the victim claimed that on July 12, 2016, at around 19:00 pm, they called 112 and asked to send police officers because the victim and her grandmother were physically abused by her husband. The husband threatened K.I and her grandmother that he would return in couple of hours and kill them. The family members of the victim informed the police about it. The Ponitchala district police officers only warned the aggressor that had no legal consequences. As a result of the professional negligence of the police officers resulted into the murder of the young girl. On July 12, at night, the husband killed K.I in front of her under-age brother. 

On July 19, 2016 Human Rights Center appealed the MIA and requested to start investigation into the policeman’s professional negligence. The Tbilisi Prosecutor’s Office launched the investigation into the alleged crime committed by the police officer . The General Inspection of the MIA stated it will make the decision about the case in accordance to the investigation results . 

The investigation into the policeman’s professional negligence is dragged out at the Tbilisi Prosecutor’s Office; the alleged violator continues to work in the police. Nobody from the killed girl’s family holds victim status that could enable them to see the investigation materials. The policeman has not yet been charged for professional negligence. 

Apart to that, the General Inspection of the MIA did not start investigation into the alleged abuse of power by the policeman based on an absurd reason -  ongoing investigation into the criminal case. The main function of the GI is to investigate the inappropriate performance of its officers and prompt reaction to their law violations. 

The mentioned case along with other cases processed by Human Rights Center demonstrates that the General Inspection of the MIA and the Chief Prosecutor’s Office are biased, when the case refers to the alleged violation of their officers.

As a rule, the investigations of the crimes committed against women are ineffective, which is verified by many cases processed by Human Rights Center. Although the MIA and the Prosecutor’s Office state that they are strict  with regard to the crimes committed against women, if a law enforcement officer has some role in those crimes, the investigation gets biased and alleged violators remain unpunished. 

 Based on the above mentioned, Human Rights Center calls on: 

 The Tbilisi Prosecutor’s Office to promptly investigate the alleged fact of professional negligence by the policeman; to grant victim status to the family members of the killed girl , to enable them to see the investigation materials. 
 The General Inspection of the MIA to promptly investigate the alleged misdemeanor of the policeman in the K.I. case.
 The Minister of Interior to terminate the authority of the policeman at the Ponitchala police station until the investigation is over.

Human Rights Center

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