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Kutaisi will have three MPs in the Parliament


Shorena Kakabadze, Kutaisi

3 single mandate candidates will represent interests of Kutaisi voters in the 9th convocation of the Parliament. On October 30, candidates from the ruling party won in the second round of elections. Genadi Margvelashvili received 69, 28% in the election district #47, Koba Narchemashvili received 67,33% in the election district # 49 and Dimitri Mkheidze 75.28 in the district #48. With the results, they defeated the candidates from the UNM. 

Humanrights.ge asked MPs about their plans, priorities for the next working period and how majoritarian bureaus will be completed. 

The Georgian Dream’s Political Council decided that Genadi Margvelashvili, who was a director of the Kutaisi Public School #41, will be deputy chairman of the Education, Science and Culture Committee in the 9th convocation of the Parliament. 

“We have huge future plans. I thought about the issues over the years. It is necessary to expand international contacts. I mean Olympiads, in which our youth participates. However, only this will not be sufficient. It is necessary to pay attention to the issues related with pre-school and higher education”, - Margvelashvili declared. 

Dimitri Mkheidze, doctor by profession, the MP from the election district #48, plans to defend interests of the city in the Parliament. He promised Kutaisi voters to use his rich professional experience as much as possible in the Parliament of Georgia. 

“I told my voters before the elections, I will not be able to do anything special. I was and am sure that I will direct my medical experience to develop the city. My voters will clearly see it and it is better to talk about it in future, based on the examples of the concrete projects”, - Dimitri Mkheidze said. 

Koba Narchemashvili, lawyer by profession and former minister of interior of Georgia, plans to work for the interests of Kutaisi and initiate projects which will strengthen the funciton of Kutaisi. However, he did not share his concrete plans. 

As it is figured out, all three MPs will have their own majoritarian bureaus. However, they did not clarify how the staff-members will be selected - through competition or based on recommendations of friends or according to the active participation in the elections. They said, they take consultations and afterwards they will decide. The MPs did not deny that employees might be from their own election teams. 

The 9th convocation of the Parliament will start functioning on November 19.  

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