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Strasbourg Court Concluded Preliminary Alleged Violation into Aslan Tsutsashvili’s Case


Information Center of Kakheti

The Strasbourg Court of Human Rights concluded preliminary alleged violation into the case of Aslan Tsutsashvili – Pankisi Radio WAY disseminated information about it. Aslan Tsutsashvili, resident of Omalo village, Pankisi Gorge, appealed the European Court of Human Rights for the degrading treatment and discrimination on ethnic grounds from the side of police officers

The incident happened on January 23, 2016 in Akhmeta. Police officers stopped a car and argued that Aslan Tsutsashvili, sitting next to the driver, did not have a safety belt on. Aslan Tsutsashvili did not agree with them and the conversation turned into a quarrel. As the applicant reported, several minutes later the police officers arrested and beat him. Chief police officer Besik Oniani and other senior police officers also participated in his physical assault.

“We sent several letters to the chief prosecutor’s office and requested investigation but in vain. They used to forward our letters to the Akhmeta police office that is violation of the procedural part of the Article 3. When we finally realized that the national investigation was ineffective and the chief prosecutor’s office did not wish to investigate the hate-crime, particularly when police officers participated in it, on October 7 we appealed the European Court of Human Rights. On December 4, Human Rights Center received a notification from the Strasbourg Court. “The case was communicated that means the ECtHR concluded the preliminary alleged violation. It is not substantial decision but there is high probability that the Court considered there are signs of substantial human rights violations in this case. Apparently, the Strasbourg Court gave priority to this case because there were signs of discrimination and inhuman treatment,” Tamar Avaliani, lawyer of Aslan Tsutsashvili, told Radio WAY.

The police officers, who are accused in physical assault and discrimination of Aslan Tsutsashvili, still occupy their positions in the police.
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