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Bureau Offices of the Majoritarian MPs Will Be Located in the Building of the Kutaisi City Hall


Shorena Kakabadze, Kutaisi

The bureaus of the Kutaisi single mandate Members of the Parliament of Georgia will be located in the administrative building of the local self-government. The MPs Dimitry Mkheidze and Genadi Margvelashvili applied to the Kutaisi City Hall for the spaces for their bureaus two weeks ago and apparently their request was satisfied. From the new year, people will be able to meet their MPs in the Rustaveli Avenue # 3. 

However, as it was found out, only two MPs Genadi Margvelashvili and Dimitry Mkheidze will have offices in the local administration building. As for the third majoritarian MP from Kutaisi Koba Narchemashvili, it is not known yet, where he will have the bureau office.

“Two MPs Dimitry Mkheidze and Genadi Margvelashvili applied the Kutaisi City Hall for the spaces in the administrative building for their bureaus. The city council discussed their applications and decided to give space one of the MPs inside the administration building and the second will have bureau in the former building of the Tax-Inspection next to the City Hall,” advisor to the Kutaisi City Mayor Zurab Khurtsidze said.

Representatives of the Kutaisi City Hall clarify that the third single mandate MP Koba Narchemashvili has not applied to them for the space. However, it is already known who will be head of his bureau – it is former member of the Kutaisi City Council Aleko Akhaladze. Zaza Jangveladze will coordinate the Genadi Margvelashvili’s bureau. He coordinated the MP candidate’s bureau during the pre-election period too. As for Dimitry Mkheidze’s bureau, Varlam Gobejishvili will coordinate it. He has worked for the local self-government, namely in the housing infrastructure management department in the City Hall.

Based on the decision of the Government of Georgia, the bureaus of the majoritarian MPs will get fewer funds from the state budget than during previous years. As it was clarified, average funding of bureaus reduced because their number increased. Consequently, number of the bureau staff-members also reduced.

It is not know yet where the funds saved from the rent-budget of the bureau offices will be spent by the MPs. Kutaisi City Council made decision on allocating spaces to the bureaus in the end of last year at the special session. 

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