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“They abandoned almost constructed building”


Manon Bokuchava, Kvemo Kartli

In Rustavi, semi-constructed building is located on the land with the space of 8-hectares, which was assigned to the Football Federation in January, 2015. That time Minister of Economics and Sustainable Development Giorgi Kvirikashvili presented the new initiative to the media. “The state-owned land will be assigned to the Football Federation and modern football academy will be constructed in Rustavi.”

The land was assigned to the Federation, and the latter also made statements that after the construction of the Football Academy in Rustavi, a hotel for 140 persons, medical, rehabilitation and fitness centers will be opened in the complex with 6 football grounds – three with artificial and three with natural grass-cover. Also, they planned to construct Olympic standard swimming pool, volleyball, basketball and mini-football grounds, one closed and two open tennis courts. 

After these statements the project started but several months later, construction of the academy stopped. Currently, the building is semi-finished and the gate is locked.

“I live nearby and see this building every day. Nothing has been done here for almost half a year. We may say that they almost built it and then abandoned,” local Khatuna Gogitidze said. 

Representatives of the Football Federation could not say anything promising. As they said, the financial part of the project was incorrectly calculated from the very beginning.

“We could fund only part of the project with the funds allocated from the UEFA. When we took up the office, we found unimplemented financial responsibilities before the building companies. Initially we had to pay the debts to the companies to ensure continuation of the project. Having found the additional financial resources, we paid the debts which amounted to 2 million GEL. Also we implemented some construction activities too. We need additional funds to complete the construction of the academy and the Federation actively works on fund-raising to finalize the project, which was to be presented to the society in August, 2015 according to the statements of the previous administration of the Federation,” representatives of the Football Administration said.

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