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Dispute between the Kutaisi City Hall and Individual Entrepreneur Will Continue in the Court


 Shorena Kakabadze, Kutaisi

Although the new year holidays have finished long ago, the Kutaisi streets are still decorated for new year celebration. Namely, the so-called “figural lights” are still in the streets and nobody knows when they will be dismantled. The reason of the delayed process is sanctioned individual entrepreneur, who won the bid competition to decorate the city for the New Year Holidays in December last year. 

“The Kutaisi City Hall announced competition for the New Year decoration of the city so that we could celebrate the holidays in nice environment; the price of the bid was 49 000 GEL. The winner company took responsibility to implement the relevant activities. However, we detected some faults in the work of the winner individual entrepreneur from the very beginning and naturally he was warned and ordered him to provide the relevant certificate but could not. As a result, the entrepreneur was fined,” representatives of the City Hall said. 

As we found out, the fine was quite strict – the City Hall is not going to pay the bid price 49 000 GEL to the individual entrepreneur. 
“Of course, the City Hall will not pay the money because of poorly done work. This problem could be resolved easily if the individual entrepreneur would have acted with more responsibility before the City Hall and the city population in general and provided us with the requested document. We could improve the faults from the very beginning but it did not happen,” the City Hall representatives clarified.

The individual entrepreneur Jgarkava does not comment on the issue. Reportedly, the dispute between him and the City Hall will continue in the Kutaisi City Hall. The court will decide whether the local authority will pay the 49 000 GEL to the individual entrepreneur. If the court satisfies the lawsuit of the entrepreneur, the corresponding service units of the City Hall will have to dismantle the lights. Otherwise, the entrepreneur will have to conduct the dismantling works. 

The local self-government allocated 250 000 GEL out of 51 million GEL budget for the new year decoration of Kutaisi.  
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