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Transportation Fee on Public Transport Increased in Gori


Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

The Private Taxi Companies in Gori increased fees on transportation service. Transportation tariff was increased from 1 GEL to 1,5 GEL. The companies connect it with increased price on fuel, which was caused by increased excise payment on oil products based on the decision of the Government of Georgia.

Public transport companies also increased tariffs in Gori. Ltd Gori Trans serves the residents of Gori and Ltd Focus 2-7 serves the residents of the Gori municipality villages. The companies connect the increased tariffs with recent developments in the economics, which started with the fall of the national currency rate and then continued with the increased excise on the fuel.

“Technical repair of the cars became costlier for the companies. The price on the fuel also increased. Consequently, we could not keep old tariffs,” director of the Focus 2-7 Zurab Tchetchelashvili said.

The drivers said unless the fee was increased, they would not have continued working.
“We have more expenses and were losing with the old prices. They had either increase the tariff or we would have stopped working,” driver of the public transport Gocha Tsarielashvili said.
The citizens complain about the increased tariffs and say it will further aggravate their social conditions.

Expert of economics Tamar Edisherashvili told humanrights.ge that increased tariff was result of the economic policy of the government, increased excise payment on oil-products and exchange rate of the US dollar. 

“When an entrepreneur purchases goods in foreign currency abroad and sells them in the national currency in Georgia, of course the exchange rate will affect the prices too. At the same time, the excise payment on oil products was increased and since transportation expenses are included in the price of all goods, everything is finally reflected in the prices. We have only one way to solve this problem – to ensure stability of the national currency that can be achieved only by the economical rise,” Edisherashvili said.

Representatives of the Gori City Hall and Gori municipal administration clarify that they do not have municipal transport and cannot interfere in the price regulations of private companies. 

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