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Dilemma of the local self-governance


Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

The Gori City Hall repeatedly submitted the proposal to the city council on assigning the four buildings of former kindergartens to the Ministry of IDPs and Accommodation. People internally displaced as a result of 2008 August Russian-Georgian War live in the abovementioned kindergartens. The IDPs several times petitioned to the Ministry to register the accommodation spaces on them but since the buildings belong to the Gori City Hall the Ministry cannot satisfy their request. 

The Ministry of IDPs and Accommodation several times petitioned the City Hall with the request to assign the kindergarten buildings to them but the city council never satisfied the request. On February 23, the City Hall again raised the issue that caused protest and verbal controversy between the council members. 

Chairwoman of the faction Georgian Dream Lia Chlachidze addressed the members of the United National Movement and Irakli Okruashvili’s political party, who did not support the initiative and imposed responsibility for current problems of the IDPs on them. 

“Because of venture politics of your leaders these people had to flee from their homes. They do not like living in those buildings, which cannot be compared with their houses,” Chlachidze said, who supports the idea to assign the former buildings of the kindergartens to the IDPs.

The Gori City Hall is paying rent for the accommodations of the IDPs in the buildings of the four kindergartens. Considering that, part of the city council members is against assigning the buildings to the Ministry of IDPs. 

“We have two sides of the problem and it should be resolved without harming either sides. When the Ministry requests the buildings, it should offer alternative way so that children were not left without kindergartens. The leaders of the Ministries of Economics and IDPs and local authority shall meet and resolve the problem so that both sides were satisfied. Today, we requested that the City Mayor attended the bureau session but he did not came,” representative of the Free Democrats in the city council Tamar Tedliashvili said. 

The issue was again rejected by the city council members during the bureau session and sent back to the city hall. The next session of the council will be held on March 6 though it is not excluded that the issue, which was rejected by the bureau, will be raised during the council meeting. 

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