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Poorly done rehabilitation works


Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

On February 26, strong wind removed the roof from the five-storied residential house in Tsabadzze street in Gori. The roof damaged three cars parked in front of the building. The roof was repaired a year ago with the financial support of the Gori City Hall.  Residents of the Tsabadze Street said the rehabilitation works were done with bad quality and they had notified the city hall about it several times but the local self-government never reacted to their statements. 

Zurab Lagidze lives in the damaged residential building. The roof damaged his car; he requests the local authority to fund repair of his car from the local budget. 

Zurab Lagidze, resident of the Tsabadze street: “We several times notified the city hall about the poorly rehabilitated building but they did not react.”
Representatives of the local authority arrived at the site of incident. The city mayor Zurab Jirkvelishvili said he does not remember that the residents of the Tsabadze Street had ever notified their office about poorly done work. Jirkvelishvili said he will study the case. As for the poorly done work, he said the answer to the question will be answered only after the conclusion of the expertise. 

“I do not have information whether the residents of this building had applied us for help. If they have, I will punish the responsible persons, who did not react to their petitions,” Zurab Jirkvelishvili said. 
Interim chairman of the Gori City Council, unlike the city mayor, said the repair works were done poorly. 
“The works carried out by the contracted company shall be evaluated. Today there was not that strong wind that could damage the well-done roof,” Zurab Rosebashvili said. 

The Gori City Hall accepted the rehabilitated roof of the residential building on June 16, 2016 from the Ltd SakKurort Gori Building Department. 9 097 GEL was spent on the rehabilitation of the roof from the local budget. As representatives of the City Hall told humanrights.ge, according to the contract, the company has responsibility to eradicate the problems during the next 5 years. 

As notified by the representatives of the infrastructure unit of the City Hall, the company has already started roofing of the damaged part of the residential building. 

As for the damaged cars, the City Hall representatives cannot yet answer whether the local budget will reimburse the damage of their owners or the company will have to reimburse them too. 

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