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Family of the deceased officer mistrusts the investigation


Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

On February 25, 2017, officer Suliko Anesashvili died during physical trainings nearby the Karaleti base of the Special Tasks Department of the MIA. The family members of the officer declared mistrust to the investigation two months after the accident and claim the investigation process is dragged out and ineffective.

A truck crashed Suliko Asenashvili during physical trainings as a result of what he died. According to the MIA reports, the investigation was launched under the Article 276 Part 5 of the Criminal Code of Georgia that refers to the violation of traffic security or exploitation rules that resulted into the death of a person.

The family members doubt instead impartial investigation significant violations are hushed for example criminal liability of the responsible persons for the security of the Karaleti base of the Special Tasks Department.

“We demand punishment of the driver and the senior officers, who were responsible for the security in the base,” the uncle of the dead officer Roland Anesashvili said.
The father recalled his talks with the head of the Karaleti base of the Special Tasks Department and said he offered a new version of his son’s death – to officially record that he died as a result of accident during fishing. 

“I am not suing anybody; I just want to estimate the truth – what happened in reality. My grandchildren are growing and they should know how the father died,” Robert Anesashvili said.
The attorney of the family Zaza Gigauri said the Karaleti base has a yard for physical trainings but in that particular case the officers were training outside the yard where the security norms were to be ensured.
“The accident happened because the responsible persons did not implement their duties and did not ensure security of the training area,” the lawyer said.
The car, which drove in to the group of 120 officers and killed one of them, belongs to the company Ibolia. The owner of the company is MP Ioseb Makrakhidze from the Gori municipality. He said the trainings were carried out on the road close to the company premises.

Ioseb Makrakhidze, Gori municipality single mandate MP: “The expertise locked the car, interrogated the driver and started investigation. Currently, the driver is fired but we were not informed that there was some training in the area.”

The family and their lawyer demand the investigation to hand the expertise conclusion to them and to change the qualification of the case. 

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