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Fake Investment in Akhmeta – Fake Deals of the Municipality Governor with His Friend



Akhmeta municipality administration sold two agricultural plots with the space of 8 090 square meters to Archil Kotchliashvili in 2015 with the condition to carry out investment in the land within 2 years. In fact, the agreement with the “investor” did not envisage any investment obligations but the Akhmeta municipality governor prolonged the investment term for 4 years and finally the plots were registered on the brother of his closest friend Mamuka Kholegashvili. 

On February 6, 2015, Akhmeta municipality administration announced online auction on two agricultural plots in Sanapiro street, in Akhmeta. Total space of both plots was 8090 sq. meters (4589+3501). Initial privatization bid was 40 450 GEL.

According to the official information on the www.eacution.ge (see Annex 1, Annex 2), “the new owner had obligation to make investment in the plots within 2 years.”

Nobody participated in the first auction for what it was declared as failed. Afterwards, based on the order of the Akhmeta municipality governor, the price of the plots was reduced at 49%, to 20 630 GEL and on April 27, 2015 repeated auction was announced.

This time, the only physical person – resident of Akhmeta, Archil Kotchliashvili, 24, participated in it and won the auction as a result of what the contract was signed with him and it was registered in the public register. Mother of Archil Kotchliashvili – Maya Seturi, is relative and neighbor of Beka Baidauri.


The May 13, 2015 contract with the auction winner read that the new owner was responsible to make investment in the land within 2 years. In fact, no agreement on the investment was done because the investment line in the contract is absolutely empty. 

No investment was done in the privatized land at all, that was to be followed with imposing fine on the purchaser and then with the annulment of the auction results. 

To avoid this result, on December 6, 2016 Archil Kotchliashvili petitioned the municipality administration and requested to prolong the investment term because of “changed financial conditions.” Based on this application, without studying additional circumstances, on December 6, 2016 the Akhmeta municipality governor issued the new order # 2444 and prolonged the zero investment term until December 31, 2020.

It is interesting how the “investor” took advantage of this privilege from the district administration – on May 8, 2017 he sold both plots. The new owner of the plots is the closest friend of Beka Baidauri – Grisha Kholegashvili, who is the brother of the former head of the Akhmeta municipal organization of the Georgian Dream and brother of the former chairman of the legal committee of the Akhmeta Municipal Board Mamuka Kholegashvili. 

It is noteworthy that investment and financial potential of Archil Kotchliashvili and Grisha Kholegashvili raise significant doubts since none of them have ever involved in entrepreneurship activities or had any immovable properties at all. 

Network of Information Centers found out that the investment deal was fake because real purchaser of both plots was Mamuka Kholegashvili. It is interesting to note that in accordance to the information provided in Mamuka Kholegashvili’s financial declaration, in 2015 amount of money he possessed in cash was reduce from 41 000 GEL to 14 777 GEL.

Besides that, in his financial declarations Mamuka Kholegashvili states that in 2014-2016 he received 129 300 GEL as salary, among them 44 800 GEL was from public service and 84 500 GEL was from political party activities. 

In March 2017 Mamuka Kholegashvili quitted his job at the municipal administration based on his personal application. Soon, he was appointed to the position of the head of one of the departments at the General Inspection of the Ministry of Defense after the reorganization and personnel reduction in the Ministry.  Mamuka Kholegashvili is considered to be an ally of the Minister Levan Izoria. He was his student and team-player from the political party Free Democrats. 
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