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Family of Jaba Bojgua Requests Restoration of Social Allowance


Natia Gogolashvili 

Mother of Jaba Bojgua, Manana Gvalia said her family has lost social allowance several months ago. She used to get the social allowance of 156 GEL per month during four years. In the end of January, 2017, the state cancelled the social allowance for the family because of the used electricity. According to the Social Agency, nowadays, the family has different rating points – 69 340. 

Manana Gvalia said she needs electricity for the treatment of her son. With the social allowance she could pay the communal bills and it was huge relief for her. 

“We used to get the allowance during four years. We lost it at the end of January, this year after having spent up to 50 GEL on electricity and about 80 GEL for gas. However, it was ordinary cost for the winter time communal bills. Jaba needs permanently stable temperature. They said I had spent much but Jaba’s life depends on the electricity: he needs electricity to breath, eat and even for the mattress. The breathing apparatus is working with electricity. Which of them shall I switch off?! I clarified everything to them but they said everything was clear for them but they had to follow the rules. They looked at the communal bills and said they would cancel the allowance because of the used communal supplies. They examine the families once in four years. I did not purchase anything for the past four years; Jaba’s health conditions are the same. We are renting a flat. We need equal amount of electricity in summer and winter. We used to get 156 GEL as social allowance and could pay communal bills with it. If I do not have electricity and gas supplies, Jaba will die. I urge for help,” Manana Gvalia said.

Gvalia said her son cannot enjoy the services covered under the universal insurance program because the services he needs are not supported by the universal insurance package. “Universal insurance is nothing for Jaba. Even if I need to call ambulance and take him to a hospital, I have to pay 130-140 GEL for this service. I pay for the analysis and for the doctor. I have to pay 30 GEL for the medical document # 100. The insurance does not cover these services. Jaba has been in similar situation for 9 years but I cannot use the universal insurance program for him,” Manana Gvalia said.

Lawyer of Human Rights Center Eka Lomidze addressed the Social Agency and requested clarifications about the cancelled social allowance. 

“Jaba Bojgua’s health problems have been poor for years. Neither their living conditions nor financial status has improved. So, the decision of the Social Agency to change the rating of the family and to cancel the social allowance for the family seems very suspicious. We have well-grounded doubt that miscarriages in the declaration document and incorrectly documented information caused the rise of the rating points of the family. Consequently, the family lost minimal allowance, which is not enough even for the physical survival of the poorly sick patient,” Eka Lomidze said.

Several days ago the lawyer received a letter from the Agency that Tbilisi City Center of the Social Agency was ordered to study the circumstances described in the application of Manana Gvalia. 

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