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People from Noe Settlement Ask for Water


Manon Bokuchava, Liberali 

12 Roma families live in Noe settlement of the Agtaklia village in Gardabani municipality. They have to cope with the problems of drinking water, road and street illumination every day.
Local Aida Petrenko said soon the school year will start but they do not know how to prepare their kids for the school without water.

Luba Karpenko and Aliona Petrenko said currently the settlement is supplied with the drinking water only from one rubber pipe, which they installed themselves but the water does not regularly run in it. Moreover, more than one family cannot use the water simultaneously and the neighbours have to wait each other to have access to water. 

Another way to get water is to fetch it to the neighbouring settlement. Aliona Petrenko said it is hard work and impossible to fetch enough water for the family. 

Human Rights Centre advocates the problems of the Roma community with the local and central authorities. Project consultant at Human Rights Centre Elene Proshikiani said they have addressed the Gardabani municipal administration, Kvemo Kartli regional governor’s administration, Public Defender and the council of ethnic minorities. She said the representatives of the regional administration studied the problems of the settlement on the place but the problems are still unresolved.

Representatives of the Gardabani municipality administration say they do not have enough funds in the 2017 budget to resolve the problems of water supply, street illumination and road in Noe Settlement. However, they said they will try to resolve the problems eventually.

Representatives of the Kvemo Kartli regional administration said they are aware of the problems in the settlement. Deputy regional governor Zaur Dargal wrote: “Water supply of the settlement is one of the key problems and the regional and municipal administrations will resolve it together.”

Dargal did not clarify when the problem will be resolved. Considering that the settlement belongs to the Gardabani municipality, the municipality administration is the main addressee of the Roma community. The community and their supporters will have to convince the Gardabani municipality board to include expenses for the problem resolution in 2018 budget. 

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