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Sirana Barbakadze, 86, needs to prove that she is alive



Resident of Vejini village in Gurjaani municipality Sirana Barbakadze, 86, has been trying to prove that she is alive for several months already. She was declared dead 9 months ago and her pension was ceased. According to the TV-Company Rustavi 2, the Social Agency even demanded the family to return 5-months pension to the budget claiming that the retired woman was already dead and the family had illegally received her pension. 

“They sent the notification on my death to the bank later. I had already taken the pension for 5 months. Now they demand it back claiming that I was dead and should not have received the pension. We have been visiting different institutions for 4 months already but could not prove that I am alive,” Sirana Barbakadze told Rustavi 2. 

Attorney of the municipal governor in Vejini village Kukuri Jamatashvili said recently villagers do not invite the attorneys to the funerals and it is difficult for them to find out who has deceased and who has not. 

“In that month there were three deceased persons in one neighborhood and we mixed up the people. It was better in the past - we were invited to the funerals, weddings and we knew who was alive and who - dead. Now we are not invited. There are many similar facts in Georgia and I cannot understand why everybody is talking only about Vejini village case,” Kukuri Jamatashvili told Rustavi 2 during the phone interview.

According to the clarifications of the Social Service Agency, the pension was ceased after the State Services Development Agency sent death certificate of Sirana Barbakadze to them. “As we found out, the woman is alive and we communicated the family to clarify how to re-register herself as an alive person in the CRA after what her pension will also be restored. Besides that she will not be requested to return the five-month pension,” the Agency notified.

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