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Address of Human Rights Center about Alleged Torture of Citizen by Police officers


Human Rights Center is alarmed with the fact of alleged battery, torture and inhuman treatment of S.M by the police officers of the Vake-Saburtalo police unit # 6 several days ago.

On September 22, police officers detained S.M, beneficiary of Human Rights Center, and took him to the Vake-Saburtalo district police unit # 6 in the Digomi village. The citizen reported that as soon as he was brough to the police office, the officers started his intimidation to force him admit the crime which he had not committed. Namely, the police officers, through verbal and physical intimidation demanded him to sign the preliminarily drafted confession statement. The detainnee refused to admit the crime and asked for the lawyer, though police officers did not satisfy his request. He was not allowed to make a call either. 

HRC lawyer visited S.M in the Gldani prison # 8. The accused person has injuries from physical assault and violence on the face, body and limbs. According to his reports, during one hour, the officers were ruthlessly beating him in one room of the police unit, where surveilance cameras were not installed. One of the harassers several times kicked him in the face. They threatened him with the “torture” of his underage son. Afterwards, they took him to another room, where they put a polyethiline bag over his head and tried to suffocate him. The ruthelessly beaten and tortured S.M had to sign the confession statement. Afterwards, the police officers prepared the recognition, examination and other protocols. The beaten and scared detainee signed all documents. Based on the “evidence” obtained through violent manners, S.M was charged under the Part 2 of the Article 179 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, that is aggravated robbery by group. 

On September 24, the Tbilisi City Court sentenced S.M to two-month pretrial imprisonment based on the prosecutor’s motion. The prosecutor saw him beaten and tortured during the trial, which was easily seen on his face. Regardless that, the prosecutor did not request expertise and the accused person has not yet taken forensic expertise. 

Human Rights Center address:

The Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia, to immediately commence investigation into alleged fact of battery, torture and inhuman treatment of accused S.M; to immediately conduct forensic medical expertise and all other necessary investigative activities to ensure effective investigation of the fact.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia to raise administrative responsibility of the heads of the Vake Saburtalo district police unit # 6 and impose adequate liability on the police officers, who allegedly participated in the torture of the person. 

Human Rights Center 

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