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Human Rights Center Is Observing 2017 Local Self-Government Elections


Observers of Human Rights Center monitor the ongoing local self-government elections in two regions of Georgia: Kakheti region - in the villages compactly inhabited with ethnic minorities in Sagarejo, Telavi and Akhmeta municipalities; and in Shida Kartli region – conflict-affected villages in Gori municipality.

Journalists of the online newspaper humanrights.ge and video-portal Hridc.TV also observe and cover the ongoing local elections. The information about the election process and observed violations provided by the observers and journalists is operatively published on the facebook page of the organization and on the online newspaper www.humanrights.ge in Georgian and English languages; the information will also be sent out to different media organizations.

Human Rights Center observes the local elections with 25 monitors. In Kakheti the mobile groups and stationed monitors observe the election process in the villages compactly settled with Azerbaijani population in Sagarejo and Telavi municipalities and in the villages of Pankisi Gorge, which are mostly inhabited with ethnic Kists and Chechens. In Shida Kartli region, the mobile groups and stationed monitors observe the villages close to the ABL in Gori municipality: Tkviavi, Tirdznisi, Nikozi and others.

The monitors will observe the election process from the moment the polling stations were opened till the final protocols are filled out and signed in the respective precincts. The observers will lodge complaints about observed violations to precinct election commission, district elections commission and the Central Election Commission and will appeal the court in case of necessity. 

After the elections, Human Rights Center will produce a report on the violations observed during the Election Day in Georgian and English languages. The report will propose recommendations to the CEC, Parliament of Georgia and respective state institutions.  Video-studio of Human Rights Center HRIDC.TV will produce a documentary film about the 2017 Local Self-Government Elections. 

Human Rights Center is monitoring the 2017 Local Elections with financial support of the Open Society Georgia Foundation. 

Through monitoring, the Center will evaluate the compliance of the election process with international and national standards, will raise public awareness about political process in the regions and will promote transparency of the election process in the selected polling stations. 

Human Rights Center 

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