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Second round of local elections to be held only in Khashuri municipality in Shida Kartli region


Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

Eight mayoral candidates participated in the local self-government elections in Khashuri municipality. According to the CEC data, none of them won the elections in the first round. 

Acting municipal governor and mayoral candidate of the Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia Giorgi Guraspashvili gained only 42.24% of votes in the elections; with 18.48% of votes, the independent mayoral candidate Ramaz Nozadze ranked the second place. The second round of the local elections in Khashuri municipality will be between Guraspashvili and Nozadze. According to the results of the first round, Guraspashvili received 7 550 votes and Nozadze – 3 003 votes.

“I cannot be glad with the appointment of the second round but it is democratic process; we had to compete in a very competitive environment. I am satisfied with the results of majoritarian candidates and now we are getting ready for the second round and victory,” said Giorgi Guraspashvili, mayoral candidate of the ruling party and acting municipal governor.

Independent mayoral candidate in Khashuri municipality hopes for more votes in the second round. Ramaz Nozadze said the population started to wake up in Khashuri.

Ramaz Nozadze, independent mayoral candidate: “We were fighting against a very strong power; considering their financial and administrative resources, I am satisfied with my results. With the election results, Khashuri population started to wake up for what I am very happy.”

According to the preliminary data of the CEC, five election subjects overcame the election barrier of 4%; they are: European Georgia – 8,45%, UNM – 20,84%, Alliance of the Patriots – 10,24%, Georgian Labor Party – 8,33%, Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia – 46,05%. Consequently, representatives of the aforementioned election subjects will be members of the Khashuri municipal council.

As for the majoritarian districts, in 14 out of 16 districts, the ruling party won the polls; the independent candidates won in the rest 2. 

Chairperson of the Khashuri DEC # 35 Imedo Latsabidze said the election process was carried out in peaceful environment. He said complaints were not lodged in either PECs or DECs. In accordance to the Election Code, the second round of the mayoral elections will be held no later than 25 days after the first round. 

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