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Georgian Dream Withdrew Faked Complaints Back from the Dedoplistskaro DEC



Georgian Dream withdrew its two complaints back from the Dedoplistskaro District Election Commission, where they claimed to re-count votes for the majoritarian elections according to which UNM candidate Avtandil Kharkhelauri defeated the GD’s candidate Giorgi Khumarashvili with 6 votes.

According to the Central Election Commission, Avtandil Kharkhelauri gained 258 votes (48.04%) in Kvemo Kedi and Giorgi Khumarashvili gained 252 votes (46,93%).

Dedoplistskaro DEC representatives told Reginfo that complaints to the Commission were lodged by the GD representatives in Kvemo Kedi polling stations Manana Tokhishvili and Tamar Berianidze. According to the complaints, the complaints’ authors observed the counting of the votes in the polling stations, and simultaneously counted the ballot papers too; their result does not coincide with the data recorded in the final protocol.

After Reginfo disseminated information about this fact, Tamar Berianidze sent letter to the online media that she had not lodged any complaints to the PEC or DEC. “I was informed that DEC received a complaint under my signature, according to which I allegedly observed violations in the Precinct # 15 in Kvemo Kedi village that is not true. I appealed neither PEC nor DEC with the complaint,” Tamar Berianidze said.

Later on, Giorgi Nasrashvili, representative of Georgian Dream, withdrew the complaints from the Dedoplistskaro DEC. Reginfo double checked the information and estimated that it was Giorgi Nasrashvili who had filed the complaints on behalf of Tokhishvili and Berianidze to the DEC. Nazrashvili clarified to the DEC members that he had received instructions to lodge and then withdraw the complaints from DEC from the representatives of the GD’s Dedoplistskaro organization. 

Reginfo could not interview the representatives of the Dedoplistskaro municipality organization of the Georgian Dream about the faked complaints.

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