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Anti-Occupation Movement against Kaspi municipality mayor


Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

“Anti-Occupation Movement “Power is in Unity”, having acknowledged the artificial problems created by the local authority because of their dislocation place in Nigoza village, is leaving Nigoza village to combat possible controversy with the local population and is moving towards the illegal banner set up nearby the highway,” announced the representatives of the Anti-Occupation Movement after the Kaspi municipality mayor Manuchar Merebashvili dismissed them from the ritual hall in Nigoza village, Kaspi municipality.

The municipality mayor clarified that there was no written agreement between the Anti-Occupation Movement and the local authority about allocating the space in the building of the hall of rituals. 

“Let them provide at least one legal act based on which they had received the space in this building. It was not regulated by the legal acts and we offered them to continue their civil activism in different form and we, both the citizens and government representatives, will assist them in it. We cannot allow anybody to perform their activities at the expenses of the local population. Concrete funds were spent on the renovation of this building and now the village population could not use the space in it,” the municipality mayor Manuchar Merebashvili said.

Representative of the Power is in Unity Davit Katsarava said there was verbal agreement between them and the former deputy municipality governor and they did not face any problem of using the space in the building for the past five months. Katsarava blamed the Kaspi municipality mayor in disseminating the false information and states that the decision of the mayor is in conflict with the anti-occupation movement. 

Davit Katsarava, representative of the anti-occupation movement: “The mayor is lying – they expelled us from the building and left in the street. We had occupied only one room in the hall of rituals, and its total space was 10 sq. meters. There was no preliminary warning about their decision.
We, from this territory, were surveilling the occupation line and the occupied territory; then we were informing the society about the ongoing developments there.”

The movement Power is in Unity started the active campaign against occupation five months ago. In parallel to surveilling the ongoing developments in the occupied territory, the representatives of the movement permanently held demonstrations in those particular spots on the central highway which are very close to the occupied territory. 

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