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Health state of the woman, who got bad during the police search in Akhmeta, is still grave



31-years-old Tinatin Shengelia is in intensive therapy unit at the Tbilisi Ingorokva Medical Clinic. Her health conditions are grave. The young woman felt bad on December 22, when early in the morning, armed law enforcement officers entered their house in Kistauri village, Akhmeta municipality and started search.

“It was early morning when they rushed into the room. I was sleeping. They were 8 or 10 police officers with guns. They said they had search order with them and demanded us to directly say where we kept guns not to bother them and ourselves. What a gun? We never had even a hunting gun in the family. They started searching of my room; they threw everything down. Police officers went upstairs, where my brother, sister-in-law and one-year-old child live. They kicked them off the beds and started searching. My sister-in-law felt bad. She fell down and could not get up. The child started crying when we tried to wake up his mother; the police officers were laughing. They claimed my sister-in-law was pretending to be bad. The search lasted half an hour. Our people called ambulance and police officers took me to the police to sign the protocol. There I learned that they had shown the search order to my father, when they entered the yard; my parents were already up. When I came home, the ambulance was already taking my sister-in-law to Akhmeta hospital; from there she was transported to Tbilisi. The doctors say her conditions are grave; she has capillary torn in the head and it caused blood leakage. We do not know whether she will survive or not,” the brother-in-law of the woman Davit Khosiashvili told Reginfo.

He added that it is not clear for him why the police searched their house. “The child is so scared that we cannot calm him down. We never possessed anything suspicious; we have never committed a crime. I have never committed any offence but they had the search ordered issued on me. Why did they attack us? They must be punished for this action. But now the recovery of my sister-in-law is the main issue.”

The search order was issued by the judge Marine Tsertsvadze of the Telavi district court on December 21 based on the solicitation of the prosecutor Ketevan Vashakidze of the Telavi district prosecutor’s office. The document states that they dealt with the Article 236 of the Criminal Code of Georgia that is illegal purchase, storage, carrying, manufacturing, transportation, forwarding or sale of firearms (other than hunting smooth-bore firearms (shotguns)), ammunition, explosives or explosive devices. 

The police officers could not discover firearms as a result of the search in the house of the Khosiashvilis. 

On December 22 and 23, the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced police control across the country including Tbilisi and carried out operative-investigative activities.

According to the MIA reports, as a result of police control, 69 persons were arrested; among them 32 persons were arrested for criminal offences, 6 for illegal purchase-possession and carrying of firearms, 12 for illegal purchase-possession of narcotics. 37 persons were arrested for minor hooliganism and disobedience to the police in accordance to the Administrative Law. The police arrested four wanted persons. Different narcotic substances and 50 firearms were withdrawn; 16 of them were deliberately handed. 33 bombshells, 12 capsule-detonators and 2278 bullets were withdrawn. 36 330 persons were examined during the police control.

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