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How Lagodekhi mayor and single mandate MP assisted the impoverished family



1 bottle of oil, two kilos of macaron, 2 kilos of buckwheat and rice, washing powder and match – the Lagodekhi municipality mayor Jondo Mdivnishvili and MP Guram Matcharashvili assisted seven-year-old Saba Beridze and his parents with the listed products in Heretiskari village. 

In the morning of February 24, Reginfo contacted the Lagodekhi municipality mayor Jondo Mdivnishvili to find out whether the municipality administration had assisted the family. The mayor clarified that he had asked his attorney in the village to study the situation in the family and as it was weekend, he would know the final answer on Monday. Later, the mayor arrived in the village together with the MP to find out the situation of the family and brought products of 30-40 GEL to them. 

The Beridzes have lived in Heretiskari village since 1989. They were resettled from the Khulo municipality of the Adjara Autonomous Republic as a result natural disaster. Irakli and Aneta Beridzes have a son, 7 years-old Saba.

The house, where the family lives in, is damaged. There are several old beds, a table, a chair and old TV-set in the rooms. There is wooden cattle-shed in the yard. The Beridzes have one cow. Only one part of the plot is cultivated next to the house; they have seeded vegetables there.

Aneta Beridze said they used to get social aid during 4 years – 157 GEL per month but in March 2017 they lost this benefit. “They said we have a cow and a cattle-shed, a plot and deserved high points. I went to the municipal administration, I went to Tbilisi too but all in one. They said I can apply for repeated evaluation in one year. They were giving 10 GEL aid to the child and a car was coming and taking him to the day center once a week,” Aneta Beridze said.

Irakli and Aneta help their neighbors in the village with agricultural plots, pasturing, chopping the firewood, and more. They are called to work once or twice a week and the daily reimbursement is 20-25 GEL. Irakli has health problems and cannot do hard work. While their living in Heretiskari he got malaria three times. The village is located on the left embankment of the Alazani River. For years the Tchiauri forest was flooded and malaria mosquitos were spread; for that reason many cases of malaria were observed in Lagodekhi municipality.

If with daily works Irakli and Aneta gather 150 GEL per month they buy medicines for the son. 

Saba has health problems. Because of poverty the parents could not take him to neuropathologist and epyleptologist to get correct diagnosis. They are treating the child according to the prescription of the village doctor. Saba has not taken medicines for 5 days.

The mother said, about 3 months ago, in winter, when they could not buy medicines and the child was left without medicines for a week, he got sick. The ambulance took Saba to local medical center and due to worsened health conditions the child was directly sent to Tbilisi. After the situation got better Saba was dismissed from the medical center without relevant medical analysis and prescription.

Head of the public relations service of the Social Agency Tata Gamkrelidze clarified that the Beridzes have received more than 65 000 points and they lost social assistance.

The agency is ready to re-examine the social-economic conditions of the family if they provide the agency with the medical documentation on their son. 

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