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Gori municipality will pay 13 700 GEL for capacity building of 43 public servants

Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

13 700 GEL is envisaged in the 2018 budget for the capacity building of the public servants at  the Gori municipality assembly and mayor’s administration. The decision was made at the session of the March 9 session of the Gori municipality assembly.

The polls about the issue caused noise in the session hall. Representatives of the UNM in the assembly did not support the initiative and protested allocation of funds from the budget on the capacity building of public servants.

“These people were hired as a result of public competition that means they met the requirements of the vacant positions in the mayor’s administration and assembly. So, now I wonder why we need to allocate additional funds for building the qualification of these people. Georgian Dream has turned the Gori municipality administration into employment office but if those people are not competent enough, let them demote in their positions or dismiss at all and announce new competition,” member of the Gori municipality assembly Vasilisa Jabakhidze said.

Chairperson of the Gori municipality assembly Davit Razmadze said according to the legislative regulations of the parliament one percent of the salary budget is allocated for the professional trainingს of the public servants. 

“It is not issue of low competence or qualification. It is issue of building their capacity. The employees of the assembly and mayor’s administration will attend capacity building trainings throughout the year,” the chairperson of the assembly said.

In total 43 public servants will take capacity building trainings from the assembly and 35 employees of 13 service units of the Gori municipality mayor’s administration. 

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