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Former deputy of Gurjaani municipality governor and six public servants were brought to justice



Anti-corruption agency of the State Security Service imposed criminal liability of the former deputy governor of Gurjaani municipality Dimitri Kalatozishvili and six more employees of the administration for the neglect of official duties. The court imposed bail of 5 000 GEL as a preventive measure on each of the accused persons. 

Besides the former deputy governor, the former head of the supervision service Durmishkhan Amisulashvili, head of the infrastructure service Teimuraz Bachukashvili, chief specialist at the infrastructure unit Giorgi Amisulashvili, specialist at the unit for legal service supervision and administration of local fees Ivane Kumsiashvili and former representative of the governor in Gurjaani Dimitri Arevadze were also accused of the neglect of official duties. 

According to the State Security Service, on August 14, 2017 a contract on rehabilitation of municipality-owned building located on Sarajishvili street of city of Gurjaani and recreational development of its yard was signed between Gurjaani Municipality Gamgeoba and Ltd. “Mokhele”, total value of which is GEL 44 849,98.

The investigation claims that Ltd “Mokhele” implemented works estimated cost of which was GEL 29 048 instead of GEL 44 849 envisaged by the contract. Despite of imperfectly implemented works, the director and founder of Ltd.” Mokhele” Temur Purtseladze composed so-called Forms №2 which contained forged information in a total amount of GEL 43 351 and presented the mentioned forms to Gurjaani Municipality.

According to the SSSG, the commission of the administration, whose members were the abovementioned people, on November 3 delivered a conclusion that the contractor had implemented its duties and money was transferred to the Ltd Mokhele. Later the expertise showed that the works envisaged in the contract were not fulfilled. Temur Purtseladze misappropriated Gurjaani Municipality-owned money in especially large quantities GEL 14 302 due to undue fulfillment of official duties.

Anti-corruption agency is investigating the fact of neglect of official duties under Article 342, Part I of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which applies to neglect of official duties, i.e. non-performance or improper performance of official duties by an official or a person equal thereto due to the careless attitude to the duties, which has resulted in substantial breach of the rights of a physical or legal person or of the lawful interests of the public or state. The action shall be punished by a fine or imprisonment for up to three years. 

According to the SSSG, after being accused, Nodar Shavkatsishvili, Teimuraz Bachukashvili, Giorgi Amisulashvili and Ivane Kumsiashvili were suspended of their professional duties. The other three were already fired from the Gurjaani municipality administration. 

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