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Cohabited fractions in Gori local self-government


Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

Sixth fraction was created in the Gori municipality assembly. Three fractions were established by the ruling party: “Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia,” “Entrepreneurs” and “Conservatives.” The United National Movement established the fourth fraction in the assembly and they did not need to invite an assembly member from other political party to shape the fraction. European Georgia and Movement for the Construction established joint fraction European Construction. Member of the Alliance of Patriots Tamar Kodoshvili, together with independent deputy Merab Makharashvili and single-mandate deputy of the Georgian Dream Kakhaber Edisherashvili established the sixth fraction – Patriots in the Service of People. On April 13, the establishment of the fraction caused noisy dispute during the session.

UNM members believe the new fraction is satellite of the ruling party considering the personalities of the members and say that it is unreasonable to pay 2000 GEL monthly salary to the fraction chairperson and 1200 GEL monthly salary to the deputy chairperson of the fraction. 

Vasilisa Jabakhidze, assembly member from the UNM: “Georgian Dream created additional fraction with the members of the Patriots. We saw in Borjomi how they exchanged the members of the Alliance of Patriots, how they sold and betrayed their values. The same is happening in Gori self-government; the single-mandate deputy of the Georgian Dream also joined that fraction.”

Member of the Assembly from the Alliance of Patriots Tamar Kodoshvili, who is chairperson of the fraction, blamed the UNM members in the political speculations.

“If it is burden for the budget, let them annul their fraction. It is not necessary that the UNM had a fraction in the assembly,” Tamar Kodoshvili said who later clarified to humanrights.ge that Kakhaber Edisherashvili is the single mandate deputy of the GD but not the member of the ruling party.

In order to calm down the situation, the chairpersons of the session indicated the UNM members at the violation of the assembly regulations. As for the creation of the new fraction, the chairperson of the fraction Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia Misha Goginashvili said: 

“A fraction unites persons who have shared political views, which have common ideology and political course in the assembly.” UNM member Beka Korchilava replied to his clarification and inquired what ideology the Alliance of Patriots and GD share that caused noise and verbal controversy during the session. 

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