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Stop nepotism – UNM campaign in Gori


Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

Local organization of the United National Movement started to expose nepotism facts in Gori, and launched a campaign in the social network. Representatives of the opposition party state that nepotism has become very strong in the local self-government. They name the examples of senior officials of local self-government and the municipal assembly members, whose family members received jobs. As the UNM member in the Assembly Vasilisa Jabakhidze said the Gori local self-government is occupied with nepotism. 

Vasilisa Jabakhidze, UNM member: “Son and daughter-in-law of the Assembly member from the Georgian Dream Lia Chlachidze work in the Non-entrepreneurial Legal Entity (NELE) union of pre-school education institution. Son, brother and nephew of the assembly member from the GD Tamar Muralova, who is chairperson of artificially established fraction Conservators work in one of the NELE of the City Administration. Bakar Giunashvili, who is the assembly member from the GD, is working in the NELE too; his brother works in the office of the municipal assembly and the father in the city administration. Neither the assembly member and chairperson of the fraction Entrepreneurs left his family members without jobs. His son is working in the NELE which is chaired by his relative; the wife is working in the office of the municipal assembly. It is not full list and we will continue publishing verified information. However, these examples already demonstrate that the members of the ruling party in the assembly compete each other in employing their family members and relatives in local NELEs.”

Lia Chlachidze confirmed that her son and daughter-in-law work in the NELEs of the city administration, but added that their employment happened without her interference. Tamar Muralova said the same, who called on the UNM members to remember the period when they were in the ruling power and employed dynasties of their family members and relatives in government-subordinated LEPLs and NELEs.

Representatives of the Gori municipality administration stated they do not interfere in the HR policies of their NELEs and only directors select their employees.

Temur Manvelishvili, head of the human resources management administration at the Gori municipality: “Management team, who works in non-entrepreneurial legal entities manage their human resources independently from the municipality administration.” 

Giorgi Dvalishvili does not believe that the city administration and ruling party members do not interfere in the selection of personnel in the NELEs. Dvalishvili used to work in the union of pre-school educational institutions and according to his statement he was fired because of his political views. He is a member of the Movement for Construction.

“One of the main reasons of the reorganization in the NELEs was dismissal of politically unacceptable people from them and I was one among them. Son of the assembly member Zakro Mebaduri replaced me on the position. It is clear how people are employed and dismissed in the NELEs,” Giorgi Dvalishvili said.

The Georgian legislation does not directly forbid nepotism, it recognizes only conflict of interests. Considering that, instead lawful evaluation and adequate responds to the nepotism facts, the opposition parties can only make political statements about them. 

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