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Human Rights Center addresses the prosecutor’s office to study new circumstances in the case of young boys murdered in Khorava Street


Human Rights Center echoes the reportage aired by the Rustavi 2 in its Saturday’s Kurieri on May 19, which concerned the case of the young boys killed in Khorava Street, in Tbilisi.

The reportage disseminated confirmed information about unlawful activities of certain people. Namely, the video-recordings show that after the accident of December 1, 2017, the people mentioned in the reportage actively tried to destroy the evidence in the criminal case and at some extent they managed it. 

Besides that, after they received information about the grave crime, the individuals mentioned in the reportage, hid the crime. Moreover they tried to protect the perpetrators from criminal liability. 

The video-recordings from the camera nearby M.K’s house show that after the accident, senior official of the prosecutor’s office Mirza Subeliani visited their family. Several minutes after he left the house, a car, where M.K and one more defendant are sitting, left the yard. It proves Mirza Subeliani’s alleged participation in hiding of offenders as well as his participation in the elaboration and implementation of the plan to protect the perpetrators from criminal liability. 

Another person, who also allegedly participated in the process, is Giorgi Turkia, former employee of the prosecutor’s office. His car was several times recorded by surveillance camera. 

It is noteworthy that on May 22, the prosecutor’s office disseminated a statement, which stated that the information about Mirza Subeliani’s visit in Pekini Street on December 1, 2017 was not news for the investigation. The prosecutor’s office interpreted Subeliani’s visit in M.K’s house differently and stated that “investigation into the case concluded that Mirza Subeliani visited the family to find out the situation, to visit the underage son and to cooperate with law enforcement bodies.”

Regardless similar preliminary conclusion of the prosecutor’s office, it is important to note that Mirza Subeliani left M.K’s family alone and a minute later the car left the yard where M.K and one more defendant were sitting.

With the legal assistance of Human Rights Center, the father of the deceased Davit Saralidze – Zaza Saralidze addressed the Chief Prosecutor’s Office and requested to promptly react to the video-recordings aired in the Saturday’s Kurieri. 

Human Rights Center calls on the prosecutor’s office to impartially study the facts aired by the Rustavi 2 and due to high public interest to the case, provide the society with additional information about factual circumstances.

Human Rights Center 

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