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Human Rights Center requests timely investigation of the murder case of two women in Takhtisdziri


Human Rights Center is alarmed with the dragged out investigation of the astonishing murder of the mother and daughter in Takhtisdziri village, Kareli municipality. Almost one year has passed since June 11, 2017, when unidentified person(s) killed N.J and M.J with automatic gun. Since then, regardless many investigative and procedural activities, the investigation has not yet estimated the murderer of the two women.

On June 20, 2017 the automatic gun was discovered in the agricultural plot of O.B, a young man living in Takhtisdziri village. Ammunitions and explosives were discovered in his house. As the investigation did not have direct evidence to accuse O.B in the murder, a separate criminal case was opened against him for illegal purchase-possession of weapon, explosives and ammunition. If the court found O.B guilty in the accusation, the prosecutor’s office planned to charge him for the murder too. 

Several witnesses confirmed that O.B had automatic gun. Several witnesses stated that after the murder fact, on June 13, 2017, O.B told them that he had hidden all ammunition and weapon. Several empty bullet cartridges were discovered in his yard. They were shot from the same automatic gun, with which the women were killed. Explosives were found in the basement of his house. 

Regardless abovementioned circumstances, on March 21, 2018, Gori district court fully acquitted O.B in the imposed charge and freed him from the courtroom. Judge verified his verdict with the statement that the DNA of the suspect was not found on the automatic gun. Also there was no witness testimony in the case files, who could prove that O.B had planted guns and ammunition in his plot. 

Nowadays, the murderer of the mother and the daughter is free and is dangerous for other people too. The people live with fear in Takhtisdziri. 

Human Rights Center provided J.J, daughter of N.J and sister of M.J with legal aid. 

HRC appealed the prosecutor’s office and Ministry of Internal Affairs and requested to check any connections between the finger-prints and DNA discovered on the scene of accident. Several examination procedures were conducted but it was not estimated whom the finger prints and DNA patterns belong to. 

Human Rights Center calls on:

The Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia and MIA to carry out prompt and effective investigative activities to solve the murder case of the two women in Takhtisdziri and to identify the murderer;

The Tbilisi Appeal Court, which is discussing the case in connection with the illegal purchase-possession of weapon, ammunition and explosives – to impartially assess the evidence in the case files and pass fair judgment. 

Human Rights Center 

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