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Reorganization in pre-school educational institutions


Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

As a result of the reorganization in kindergartens, psychologists, methodists, English language and dance teachers were dismissed from the kindergartens in Gori municipality. Total number of dismissed employees is over 60. Non-entrepreneurial Legal Entity (NELE) Union of Pre-School Educational Institutions of Gori Municipality City Hall carried out the reorganization. 

“The psychologists, who have diploma of high education, are professionals and meet standards. After they were dismissed from kindergartens, they will be employed in the Union of Pre-School Educational Institutions and will serve kindergartens operating in the municipality,” the lawyer of the Union Nugzar Kotchlashvili said and added that main reason of the reorganization was to optimize funds in the budget. As for the dance teachers, Kotchlashvili said there is no need to have dance teachers in the kindergartens permanently and the directors may hire them based on temporary service contracts for concrete events. 

Opposition members of the municipal assembly think the ongoing reorganization process is vague. The Assembly member from the United National Movement Vasilisa Jabakhidze said it is not correct that the non-entrepreneurial legal entity of the city hall completely annuls the authority of the kindergarten directors while it should only supervise the work of the kindergartens and not manage them. 

“What do the kindergarten directors do now and what are their functions? Apparently, they will no longer be able to do anything without the Union. They cannot announce tender competitions on food products and other services they will need. They will need permissions from the Union for everything that is not effective. Moreover, now the Union will be in charge of recruiting the personnel and registering children in kindergartens instead directors. It is not a control; it is mixing up functions. When personnel is reduced in kindergartens but more people are recruited in the Union, it is not optimization of funds; it is deceiving the society,” Vasilisa Jabakhidze said, who requested to increase salaries of the kindergarten teachers with 50 GEL. She petitioned the Gori Mayor and the head of the Union but they refused. They wrote: “In order to increase the salaries of the employees in the kindergartens, it is necessary that the Government of Georgia passed normative act, which will estimate minimum salary floor for the salaries of teachers and tutors.” 

After the abovementioned clarification of the Gori Mayor Konstantine Tavzarashvili, Vasilisa Jabakhidze petitioned the majoritarian MPs of Gori municipality to address the Government of Georgia with the initiative to pass the normative act, which will enable self-government to raise salaries of the teachers in kindergartens. 

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