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Political statements of the public servants in Gori


Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli 

“We started administrative proceedings against my assistant and my attorney in Mejvriskhevi community. The process has its deadlines but we will not wait for a long time and publish our decision in short time,” Gori Municipality Mayor reacted to the public statements of Kakha Bliadze, his assistant and Lekso Bujiashvili, his attorney in Mejvriskhevi community, which were published in social network.

Assistant to the Gori Municipality Mayor made unethical comment about Davit Saralidze, killed in Khorava street teen murder case, in social network; he also made unethical comment about his father Zaza Saralidze. Representative of the municipality administration also made political statement with regard to the issue. 

Humanrights.ge was curious about the administrative proceedings over the case and sent question to the Gori Municipality Mayor in social network. Konstantine Tavzarashvili shortly answered: “We discussed the issue and will announce the decision in near future.” Konstantine Tavzarashvili did not specify what kind of decision they had made. 

Two weeks ago, during the meeting with the students, who requested him to fire the assistant, Tavzarashvili said after the administration studies the issue, adequate disciplinary responsibility will be imposed on his assistant and attorney and it will not be only reprimand

“Neither this man, nor the deceased boy were angels. Do not forget how and why the conflict started which ended with murder. It is not good to compare this case with the murders, which were committed by the people, who are now organizing the demonstrations,” the assistant of the Gori municipality mayor made a statement in social network, after what he apologized to the society.  

“I would like to make clarifications about my previous statement. Different political powers took advantage of Zaza Saralidze’s situation that irritated me and made anxious statement. Maybe, I incorrectly expressed my opinion for what I am very sorry. I would like to mention that I, Kakha Bliadze, made this statement as a result of anxiety and anger,” Bliadze wrote.

Gori inhabitants did not accept his clarification and held demonstration with the request of his resignation. The demonstrators brought sedatives to the “anxious” public servant. 

“Assistant to the Gori municipality mayor shall not make such irresponsible statements and shall not justify his behavior with anxiety afterwards. We brought him sedatives and request his resignation,” civil activist Irakli Zhamureli said. 

Civil activists are waiting for the decision of the Gori municipality mayor and unless he makes impartial decision, they will renew demonstrations.   

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