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Gori municipality assembly will no longer consider impeachment of the Gori municipality mayor


Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

On July 23, the members of the Gori municipality assembly, at the special session of the commission on mandate-procedural issues and ethics, discussed raising the issue of impeachment of the Gori Municipality Mayor Konstantine Tavzarashvili. Chairperson of the fraction United National Movement Beka Korchilava petitioned the assembly about the impeachment of the Gori Mayor. Korchilava said, Konstantine Tavzarashvili was director of the Ltd Marini during 8 months after being elected to the position of the mayor. It contradicts the Law of Georgia on Interest Conflict and Corruption in the Public Agency that is enough ground to start impeachment of the mayor.

“It is violation of the law. He was violating the law during past 5 years, when he first occupied the position of the municipal assembly chairman and then the position of the mayor. It is ground to start impeachment of the mayor. I submitted declaration letter to the commission and request to start impeachment procedures against Konstantine Tavzarashvili,” Beka Korchilava said.

The special session of the commission did not finish without noise. Gori mayor Tavazarashvili did not attend the meeting but he sent letter to the assembly members. During the session, the assembly members checked whether the mayor was really the director of the Ltd Marini but it was found out that his son was registered as the director of the Ltd Marini now.

Chairman of the assembly Davit Razmadze said Tavzarashvili had forgotten that he was director of the Ltd and this shortcoming is already eradicated. Consequently, he believes it is not right to start impeachment procedures.
“When I rebuked Mr. Kote about this issue, he swore he did not remember that he was still director of the Ltd. He had same responsibilities when he was chairperson of the assembly. This company was established in 1990s but it never had any function and never carried out any activities. It was real misunderstanding and he forgot about it. So, we do not have right to raise issue of his impeachment in accordance to the law,” chairperson of the Gori municipality assembly Davit Razmadze said.

8 out of 11 members of the commission on procedural issues and ethics attended the session; after the long dispute the members made the following decisions: three members supported to raise the issue of impeachment and five members were against it. Upon the decision of the commission, the assembly will no longer discuss the issue of impeachment of the mayor. The two out of three members of the commission, who wanted to start impeachment procedures, were from the opposition parties and one from the ruling party. Georgian Dream member Ioseb Mumladze did not make any comment about his decision.

After the commission rejected the issue of the impeachment, Beka Korchilava plans to appeal the court. 

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