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Address of Human Rights Center about the case of the Congo-Captured Pilot Soso Osorauli


Human Rights Center once again addresses the Government of Georgia with regard to the investigation of the case of pilot Soso Osorauli, who disappeared in the Republic of Congo. 18 months have passed since his disappearance and the family still does not have information about the activities carried out by the State of Georgia to find out whereabouts of the pilot and bring him home. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia handed the case materials to the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia for the further investigation. HRC several times petitioned the Chief Prosecutor’s Office to grant victim status to Osorauli’s family members so that they could get acquainted with the case files. On May 1, 2018 the Chief Prosecutor’s Office allowed the wife of Osorauli, Nino Osorauli to get acquainted with the case files, though she still does not have victim status.

In December 2017, brother of the Georgian pilot Giorgi Osorauli travelled abroad to look for his brother with his own resources. He claims that his brother is alive but cannot personally communicate him. Giorgi Osorauli believes the state institutions are negligent towards the issue of their citizen that hinders estimation of real whereabouts of Soso Osorauli. Because of similar attitude from the side of the state institutions, Giorgi Osorauli decided to individually search his brother and bring him home but his efforts cannot be successful without the support of the state authority.

In accordance to the Article 13 of the Constitution of Georgia, the state shall protect its citizens regardless of their whereabouts. In accordance to the Article 4 of the Organic Law of Georgia on Georgian Citizenship, Georgia shall protect the rights, freedoms, and legitimate interests of Georgian citizens, both within and outside the territory of Georgia.

In accordance to the positive obligations of the State, HRC requests:

  • the Government of Georgia to take effective measures to protect the citizen of Georgia;
  • to establish special inter-agency working group under the supervision of the Prime Minister of Georgia with the participation of the representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, State Security Service, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Chief Prosecutor’s Office and the brother of the missing pilot Gia Osorauli;
  • the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia to ensure effective and comprehensive investigation into the case and to immediately grant victim status to the family members of Soso Osorauli – Nino Osorauli and Gia Osorauli. 

Human Rights Center 

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