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Statement of Human Rights Center about the victim status of the Congo-Captured Pilot Soso Osorauli’s Family members


Human Rights Center echoes the August 14 statement of the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia, which clarifies the reasons why the family members of the Cong-Captured Pilot Ioseb Osorauli were refused to receive victim status. 

As the statement of the Chief Prosecutor’s Office reads, the family members may receive the status only if the crime committed against a citizen of Georgia results into his/her death. As the investigation yet does not have valid evidence that Ioseb Osorauli had deceased, the Chief Prosecutor’s Office refuse the family members to grant the victim status to his family members. 

Criminal Procedure Code of Georgia clearly stipulates that a victim may be a natural or legal person that has incurred moral, physical or material damage directly as a result of an offence.

HRC believes, the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia has all grounds to grant victim status to Nino Osorauli, the wife of the pilot and Gia Osorauli, the brother of the pilot. It is obvious that the family became victim of grave moral and psychological damage by capturing of Ioseb Osorauli by Congolese rebels. In addition to that, the state failed to take adequate measures to liberate the citizen of Georgia and could not obtain valid trustworthy information about his health conditions. The family has been trying to find out the information about the missing family member with their own resources for 18 months that requires additional financial resources too. 

The Chief Prosecutor’s Office opened the probe into the case under Article 144 of the Criminal Code of Georgia (hostage-taking). They state there is no evidence to prove the death fact of Ioseb Osorauli though it is essential to grant victim status to the family members. 
HRC believes it is important that family members of Ioseb Osorauli received the victim status, it will increase their safety and trust towards the prosecutor’s office. 

Human Rights Center 

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