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Court hearing into Tamar Gamrekelashvili’s murder case was closed for public


Tamar Gamrekelashvili's Photo

The court hearings into Tamar Gamrekelashvili’s murder case, 25-years-old woman, who was killed in Barnov street in Tbilisi, will be closed for public. The prosecutor’s office petitioned the Tbilisi City Court to close the hearings.

Prosecutor Giorgi Shaishmelashvili verified his solicitation with the fact that it was domestic crime and personal information may be disclosed during the trials; underage children will also be questioned. The defense side and the defendants – Vefkhia and Temur Bakradzes also agreed with the solicitation.

The mother of the deceased Tamar Gamrekelashvili, Natela Gobadze was questioned during the last hearing.

“I have provided the investigation with all information. The murderer shall be punished. Children witnessed the crime. There was fuel in the house; Vefkhia Bakradze was planning to burn the children but could not manage it. He is not a murderer and harasser but he is the most unrestrained person. I did not want to live with him because he harassed me,” Natela Gobadze said.

Tamar Gamrekelashvili was killed in her house in Barnov street, Tbilisi on April 13, 2018. On April 14, the MIA arrested her stepfather Vefkhia Bakradze in Teleti. According to the case files, he stabbed the woman in the chest and throat several times in the presence of her underage children.

According to the MIA, several hours before the murder, the victim and her mother arrived in the police unit and requested restraining order against the stepfather. The police issued the order. According to the MIA, Tamar Gamrekelashvili left police unit alone because of her personal affairs and soon the police was notified about the murder of the young woman.

The investigation started under Article 11-109 of the Criminal Code of Georgia that refers to premeditated murder based on domestic violence in aggravating circumstances. The crime is punishable by imprisonment from 16 up to 20 years in length.

On April 15, the MIA arrested another person, Temur Bakradze, for not having reported the police about the committed crime.

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