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Statement of Media Institute and Human Rights Center over the Physical Assault of the Journalist and Cameraman of the Rustavi 2


Media Institute and Human Rights Center echo the physical assault and interference in the professional activities of the journalist and cameraman of the TV-Program Kurieri of the TV-Company Rustavi 2. 

As reported by Rustavi 2 the crew of Rustavi 2 was assaulted by the representatives of the office of the 23rd Bureau of the Chinese Railway. They attacked journalist Eka Gagua and cameraman Levan Kalandia of Rustavi 2.

Kurieri was preparing a report on the violations revealed during the construction of the new railway line. While they were shooting a video footage, the representatives of the Chinese company seized a camera and tried to remove the video footage. They locked equipment owned by Rustavi 2 for several hours.

In response to that, the 23rd Bureau of the Chinese Railway stated that journalists entered their territory without permission and tried to obtain information through provocations. 

Media Institute and Human Rights Center condemn the assault on the journalist and the cameraman and call on the investigative bodies to timely investigate the alleged fact of interference in the professional activities and physical assault on journalists. 

Media Institute
Human Rights Center 

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