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The occupation regime renewed so-called border demarcation works near Atotsi village


Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

The occupation regime started so-called border demarcation works on November 6 near the Atotsi village in Kareli municipality. By November 8, the iron poles were installed in approximately 500 meters near the village, which will be used to make barbwires or iron constructions alongside the occupation line.

The agricultural plots of some locals turned up in the occupied territory after the November 6 demarcation process – it covered approximately 5 hectares of land. As the locals say in Atotsi, they have conducted autumn agricultural activities in their plots, planted wheat-corn and now they are afraid they will not able to get harvest because of the iron constructions. 
Isidore Bolotashvili, resident of Atotsi village: “Our 30 hectares of land is already on the occupied territory; now they will misappropriate 5 hectares more.” 

On November 7, the State Minister for Reconciliation and Equality Issues Ketevan Tsikhelashvili arrived in Atotsi and visited the territory where the so-called border demarcation was going on. Tsikhelashvili evaluated the process as historical anomaly and promised the locals the Government will not leave the creeping occupation without attention. 

“Our response is our development, assistance to the people who heroically endure this difficult situation. What is happening in Atotsi and in 60 more villages is historical anomaly. It is impossible to keep the people, who live now in Tskhinvali region, which is 80% emptied now, in the isolation of barbwires for a long time. These days, Tskhinvali celebrates the October Revolution Anniversary in front of the posters of soviet leaders; the youth and children are signing soviet songs with red ties. It is not injustice but historical anomaly which will end. These barbwires cannot achieve its goals,” Tsikhelashvili said.

On November 8, the occupation forces did not resume so-called border demarcation activities but continued patrolling on the area. The Shida Kartli regional governor Giorgi Khojevanishvili, who arrived on the site, said that Russia continues aggressive politics.

“Georgia cannot put up with this situation and together with international partners will continue efforts to eliminate similar provocations from the side of Russia,” Shida Kartli regional governor said.

The Prime Minister of Georgia echoed the situation in Atotsi with special briefing. Mamuka Bakhtadze said the Government of Georgia will not put up with the barbwires and will use all instruments to halt the process. 

“I want to react to the current situation close to the occupation line in Atotsi village. Renewed construction of artificial barriers by the Russian Federation has been handwriting of the occupation politics since 2008. We will not put up with new and old barbwires and will use all instruments to halt this process. All our partner countries and international organizations are informed about this process. We have strong support of the international community and I am sure we will definitely stop this injustice. I would like to note that we will continue assistance of the families living in the villages adjacent to the occupation line,” the Prime Minister of Georgia said. 

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