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Population blocked the road in Khidistavi village


Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

On January 12, inhabitants of the Chineti district in the village of Khidistavi, Gori municipality blocked the road with the request of drinking water. The protesters said the drinking water supply was suspended on December 27 and was not restored during 15 days. They requested the regional governor to arrive in the village and get interested in their problems. 

“Let the regional governor come and get interested in our situation. They implemented the project of the value of one million to rehabilitate the water system in the village; it started last year and constructed three reservoirs for the water; however, all three reservoirs are empty. Now, other districts of Khidistavi village are supplied with the drinking water from the old reservoir and we are left without water,” said Marina Pukhashvili, one of the protesters.

Neither regional governor nor Gori municipality mayor arrived at the protest rally; however, police officers arrived and made the protesters to unblock the road.

Representatives of the Gori municipality city hall do not comment what caused drinking water problem in Khidistavi; they cannot name exact date when the problem will be resolved either. The press-center stated there are technical problems with regard to the drinking water in Khidistavi and respective service units are working 24 hours to eradicate the problem. 

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