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“Bread price has raised, but labor price not”


Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

On March 15, in Gori, the employees of the TsiskvilKombinati (bread factory) went on strike and considering their working conditions they requested rise in salaries. Initially, the protesters had four main requests.
“We have four main requests: rise in salary, collective labor contracts, stop oppression on the employees who cooperate with the Trade Unions and restoration of the dismissed employees, and the fourth – improved working conditions,” said Giorgi Gazashvili. 

Representatives of the Trade Union joined the protest of the employees of the Bread Factory Karmen and then they had the fifth requirement – resignation of the Karmen’s director Merab Davitashvili. They blame Davitashvili in firing the employees illegally.

Azerbaijani investor purchased the company Karmen. The managers of the company met the protesters and representatives of the Trade Union. Having left the meeting they said that they had already fired the director of the Karmen and continue consultations about other requirements. 

“The investor satisfied our request about the dismissal of the director; they also restored those eight employees to the working places, who were fired by the director. As for our other requests related with the rise in salaries, special uniforms and collective contracts, they will be discussed during joint working meetings,” the head of the Trade Unions Irakli Petriashvili said.

The employees of the bread factory request the investor to timely satisfy other requirements too. 

“We belong to the category of hard labor conditions and all our requirements shall be met. By now we have not received full result. We hope, all our requests will be satisfied and our salaries will rise,” one of the protesters said. 

The employees on strike told the investor that they are not interested to suspend the operation of the bread factory and if their requirements are met, they are ready to support the enterprise to increase the production. 
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