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Discussion of the initiative of MP Eka Beselia and 12 more MPs in Gori


Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

On April 15, MP Eka Beselia, together with her colleagues, organized a meeting in Gori to discuss the election of the Supreme Court judges. She spoke about the legislative initiative, which, according to her position, will free the judiciary authority from the political influences of the government. 

Eka Beselia said the judges of the Supreme Court shall be elected through open and public competition and based on fair criteria; the High Council of Justice shall not be able to artificially restrict the nomination of the candidates in the Parliament. She said, the draft law initiated by her and her 12 colleagues is based on several important principles: first – open and public competition; second – fair criteria for the selection of the judges and third – submitting long list of the candidate judges to the Parliament and fair criteria of the selection as a result of public discussion in the Parliament. 

The MPs said that the law will free the judiciary system from the influences of political elites. Beselia commented about the draft law prepared by the Georgian Dream and said that it cannot ensure transparent selection process of judges. 

“We are holding meetings with the support of the US National Democracy Institute. Similar public meetings are very important–the issues related with the judiciary system shall be discussed beyond the political circles and more people shall be engaged in this process. Now, when in parallel to this process, the Parliament is examining the issues related with the court, how they can elect the judges of the Supreme Court. It affects all citizens of our country; it will decide whether our citizens will be protected tomorrow or not. Whether our justice will be guaranteed or not. I am grateful to the Government of Great Britain and the NDI who financially supported our meetings to share the emotions, inspirations, opinions and feelings of our population with the MPs and our colleagues who do not see anybody besides themselves and cannot feel what people feel. They must know that they cannot make decisions without hearing the voice of our people,” MP Eka Beselia said. 

MPs Zviad Kvatchantiradze and Gedevan Popkhadze also attended the meeting. Gedi Popkhadze said it is time to free the judiciary system from political influences and the society shall play the key role in it. 

“I believe the people shall do their best to guarantee fair justice for their children,” Gedi Popkhadze said.

Representatives of the nongovernmental organizations and students attended the meeting. The independent member of the Gori municipality assembly Irma Ambardnishvili was the only representative of the local authority who attended the meeting. 

“First of all, the members of the municipal assembly shall attend this meeting because it is very important issue for the future of our country; it is important what kind of court we will have tomorrow and the members of the assembly are obliged to be here,” Irma Ambardnishvili said. 

According to the draft law of Eka Beselia and 12 more MPs, the candidate, whose judgment was examined by the European Court of Human Rights and violation of any article of the European Convention on Human Rights is determined, shall not be elected to the position of the judge in the Supreme Court. Also, the judges, who passed politically motivated judgments, shall not be allowed into the Supreme Court of Georgia. 

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