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Putin’s photos were burnt in Gori


Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli 

“Friendship and Justice” – the organization under this name was established in Gori, which aims to restore friendship with Russia through public diplomacy. The presentation of the organization took place on April 20, which did not finish without noise. The reason of the noise was the visit of Vladimer Khomeriki, citizen of Georgia living in Russia, who arrived at the presentation of the organization. Khomeriki is one of Putin’s supporters, for what the members of the youth branch of the United National Movement met him with protest and shouted “traitor” at him. 

“We protest visit of the traitor Vladimer Khomeriki in the Russia-bombed city of Gori and dissemination Russian propaganda in our country,” the participants of the protest demonstrations stated.

They were holding banners with the slogans “Samachablo and Abkhazia are Georgia,” “STOP RUSSIA,” “Russia Kills”; they were holding photos of Putin, which they burnt in protest.

Vladimer Khomeriki said that both Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region are Georgia. But when journalist asked him, whether Russia is occupant, Khomeriki answered: 
“Occupants are here; never ask me that question again,” Khomeriki said and entered the hall, where he made pro-Russian and anti-western statements and added that relationship with Russia shall be restored through public diplomacy.

“With the public diplomacy we can continue friendship with Russia and it is the purpose of the establishment of this organization. Russians will re-consider their actions and what they did wrong as well as we do about our mistakes. We still hope that Georgia will be unified if we do not destroy everything finally and continue scolding Russia in the streets, when Georgian youth are showing their ass to Russia – it is shame of Georgia. If you are brave enough, go and fight with them, why do you show them ass? I am very glad that such a nice people live in Gori, who are aware of everything, who wants to live well. Anyway, Russia is our orthodox neighbor, and our fate is in their hands,” Vladimer Khomeriki said. 
After his speech, the protest continued inside the hall. Student of the Free University Misho Mtiulishvili went there to protest the meeting. 

“I am really sorry that it is happening in Gori. We have not realized who our enemy was during the past 200 years. 11 years ago, in 2008, Shida Kartli and Gori was bombed by Russia. 200 years ago, so-called brother nation, raided our churches and frescos and is it brotherhood?!” Mtiulishvili asked. 

Eventually, positive statements about Russia changed into criticism. Civil activist Arina Tavakarashvili addressed the audience and protested establishment of pro-Russian organization and statements of Khomeriki. 

“You do not have right and we will never allow you to carry out Russian policy in this city. You can come with bombs, tanks but we will never believe in your love of Georgia and we will never give up our country to you,” Tavakarashvili said. 

Part of the audience left the meeting soon. They said they were deceived to come to the meeting. Namely, they were told that the meeting was about funding of agricultural projects. Chairman of the organization Friendship and Justice Zurab Mezvrishvili did not confirm this information and stated that everybody had correct information. 

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