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Human Rights Center requests effective investigation of the murder of 13-years-old Gogita Iremadze


On May 15, at 11:00 am, Human Rights Center will hold press-conference about the murder case of underage Gogita Iremadze in the Media Center Mtavari. 

Human Rights Center several times petitioned to the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia to commence investigation against the police officers and doctors, whose alleged professional negligence ended up with the death of 13-years-old boy. However, no charges were brought against them yet. 

The Kvemo Kartli regional prosecutor’s office is investigating the murder case of Gogita Iremadze. However, they have not identified issue of responsibility of police officers and medical personnel in the case. 

Gogita Iremadze, 13, was murdered in his house on February 10, 2019. His uncle V.I is accused of his murder, who, according to the conclusion of the psychiatric expertise, was sent to non-voluntary treatment. 

According to the family, two weeks before the murder, defendant V.I had hallucination and claimed he would punish everybody, who was watching him.

A day before the murder, on February 9, 2019, the friends of V.I called emergency medical brigade and took him to Rustavi based so-called Azoti medical clinic, from where they were sent to the Tbilisi based Center for Mental Health and Prevention of Addiction. The doctors examined him in haste and sent home stating he did not need hospitalization. The doctors did not adequately evaluate the risks and sent the patient, who required medical treatment, home. For that, they placed the lives and health of his family members in danger though there was evidence that he had mental disorder because of epilepsy. Number of medical notifications issued by the Rustavi Mental Hospital reported that he was registered in their medical institution and permanently received medicines. 

On the next day, on February 10, V.I killed his 13-years-old nephew. Patrol police arrived on the place and learned that the person with mental problems had knife and an underage boy was with him in the flat; the man threatened him to kill. The boy was urging for help but the police officers did not enter the flat. They did not help the boy in the hard situation that resulted into his murder. 

Although the flat was located on the first floor and police could easily enter the building through window and save the boy, the police officers were waiting for the rescue team and meanwhile the harasser stabbed Gogita Iremadze to death. 

The abovementioned circumstances in the case demonstrate professional negligence of the medical personnel and police officers and their participation in the murder with their inactivity. 

Human Rights Center requests that the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia continued investigation into the murder case and imposed responsibility for the murder on the police officers and medical personnel too. 

Human Rights Center  

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