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A deputy left the session of the Gori municipality assembly in protest


Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

On June 28, the session of the bureau at the Gori municipality assembly started with the discussion of current developments in the country. The member of the United National Movement Vasilisa Jabakhidze left the bureau session in protest. Before leaving, she said it is unacceptable for her to sit next to those deputies, who justify the Minister of Interior Giorgi Gakharia for the bloody dispersal of the peaceful demonstration and cannot see the citizens injured as a result of dispersal.

“I am very sorry for what happened at night of June 20. The person, who is now the Minister of Interior, shall ensure safety of each citizen instead shooting deadly bullets. I do not want to have a feeling that the police does not protect me and ensure my safety. Unfortunately, I did not hear similar statements from my colleagues, who shared the public statements supporting Minister Gakharia in social network and claimed that Georgia has never had such a good minister of interior before. While we also have injured protesters in Gori, you still try to back Gakharia. In this light, it is inadmissible to sit with you and I am leaving the bureau session in protest,” Vasilisa Jabakhidze said. 

The chairman of the assembly Davit Razmadze responded to Vasilisa Jabakhidze and said that the law enforcement officers used the proportionate power against radical demonstrators, who wanted to destroy the state institutions. 

“Our law enforcement officers combated the crime and used proportionate power adequate to the committed actions. Ms Vasilisa is under influence of those butchers, who placed the country in similar situation. The person, who uses such a form of protest, is not a citizen of Georgia because Georgian citizen shall respect the State,” Davit Razmadze said. 

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