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Worker of the Municipal Amenities Service Passed Away of the Injuries Received during the Working Hours

Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

The worker of the Municipal Amenities Service of the Gori Municipal City Hall Nugzar Ramazoghli, 75, passed away in the hospital three days after he received injuries during working hours. The doctors said his health conditions were critical and dangerous for life.

Reportedly, the employee of the Municipal Amenities Service participated in the transportation of the advertisement banner of the regional fashion week, when the strong wind blew him off the truck and he hit the head on the ground. 

The family members of the deceased man request the investigation to answer the question whether safety norms were ensured during the transportation of the banner. The family also wonders to learn from the head of the Municipal Amenities Service whether the dustman was responsible to transport the banner?

“He worked in the cleaning service for 40 years. It was not his duty to transport the banner and if they ordered him to do it, he could not hold the banner alone. Everything shall be investigated and let them answer our questions,” the son of the deceased man Rafik Ramazoghli said.

The head of the Gori Municipal Amenities Service said the City Hall officially ordered them to assist the Regional Fashion Week in technical works and they allocated the workers of the cleaning service to participate in similar works.

“The investigation will estimate how all happened. It was ordinary working day for him and he was getting salary for it,” the head of the service Bachana Gvianishvili said.

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