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Noise over the proposed extension of the lease agreement with Giorgi Kandelaki


Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

On July 26, the issue of lease agreement extension with additional 5 years over the 35 square meter land with Giorgi Kandelaki, World Champion in Boxing and businessman, caused noise at the bureau session of the Gori municipal assembly. The businessman plans to arrange an open café in the area of the Stalin Museum in Gori. He petitioned the assembly with the request to extend his lease agreement with additional 5 years. 

The member of the municipal assembly from the United National Movement Vasilisa Jabakhidze stated that local government assigns the lands to those businessmen under the lease agreements, who assisted the ruling party in the elections. 

“Giorgi Kandelaki is one of the main flagmen of the Georgian Dream and he is actively involved in their election campaigns. He is in charge of the Variani village zone and together with some zonder brigades he tries to threat population before the elections and compel them to vote for the ruling party. The Georgian Dream and the local government appreciate his support and help him to develop his business; they are assigning prestigious territories to him under the lease agreement. It is mutual interest because Giorgi Kandelaki not only assists the GD with campaigning but also funds their election campaigns,” Vasilisa Jabakhidze said.

Chairman of the municipal assembly Davit Razmadze said it is second time that Giorgi Kandelaki applied the assembly with the request to extend the lease-agreement over 35 sq. meter land. Razmadze said, first he petitioned the assembly 5 years ago and the previous assembly members satisfied his petition; this time, after the lease agreement expired, he requests extension. 

“Why should we reject his application, when he has implemented his duties properly? There are no political grounds in the extension of his lease agreement,” Davit Razmadze said.

Giorgi Kandelaki has closed shopping center in Stalini Avenue in Gori and he now requests additional 35 sq. meter space nearby the shopping center to arrange open café there. 

If the assembly satisfies his application, Kandelaki will have to pay 1 800 GEL as annual lease rent. 

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